Alloys By Design Platform

Alloyed has the capability to design, develop, and test high performance alloys tailored specifically to end-use application requirements for traditional and additive manufacturing (AM) processes. This is enabled by the Alloys By Design — or ABD® — platform that allows physics-based simulation of millions of available alloys, and backed up by Alloyed’s extensive metallurgy expertise and comprehensive testing facilities.
Alloyed can rapidly develop new, highly customised alloys for specific applications. Our experienced team can also optimise existing alloys to function better and/or support material selection for any application.

The ABD® rapid alloy design and optimisation platform applies data and advanced physical models to simulate the performance of millions of different potential alloys simultaneously. This allows optimisation across the full range of performance, manufacturing, and economic parameters relevant to any application.

The End Of Trial-And-Error
The ABD® platform uses algorithms based on the latest science, proprietary software, and computing horsepower to predict the performance of millions of different alloys simultaneously. It then chooses the best optimisation for a particular application. Instead of months or even years of expensive trial-and-error, the ABD® process can reduce the time it takes to recommend a new composition to mere days.
Computing Millions Of Trade-Offs
The ABD® process starts with data – basic data such as the cost, density, and melting and boiling points of different elements; fundamental thermophysical data about the temperatures at which elements form different phases; and calculated data showing how the introduction of different elements affect the physics of the alloys into which they are mixed. The proprietary ABD® algorithms feed this data into scientific models, which allow our engineers to model the performance of millions of different alloy compositions simultaneously, and allow the selection of the composition that represents the best trade-off for any application through automated and manual optimisation.
Alloy Process Optimisation

Alloyed is able to deploy the computational power of its ABD platform to optimise alloy processing conditions for new or existing alloys. Combined with our expert process simulation capabilities, this allows us to design heat treatments and thermo-mechanical processing routes to optimise alloy performance and to reduce cost.

We offer these capabilities as advanced consulting solutions for a wide range of engineering challenges.

For Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Alloyed has considerable experience and expertise with metal additive manufacturing (AM) processes, specifically the laser powder bed fusion process. This — combined with our ABD® platform — means that we are uniquely placed to identify and optimise alloy materials for complex AM applications sympathetic to the material and the process. We can demonstrate and predict atomisation constraints and printability of any possible alloys within the required design space.

We can also significantly optimise the composition of alloys to improve mechanical properties, including strength, high temperature strength, ductility, and elongation (or any combination thereof).

Alloyed’s extensive research & experimental platform can also be utilized for the rapid development of new AM alloys.

For Traditional Manufacturing

Our metallurgists have extensive experience in conventional processing routes such as casting, forging and forming processes. In this regard, the ABD® platform can be used to develop new alloys or optimize existing alloys for any process, as our models are developed and adapted based on processing conditions.

Every alloy and process is individual, so our team of metallurgists and software engineers work together to understand the underlying physics of the process and convert this to computational models. Cast and wrought alloys optimized for a specific process can be developed to achieve the best balance of performance and cost.