Rapid Alloy Research & Advanced Experimental Capabilities

Alloyed operates a world-class Rapid Alloy Research Centre (RARC) that incorporates comprehensive, in-house experimental capabilities for the rapid assessment of new and existing alloys, right from raw materials through to evaluation. This advanced facility houses some of the most advanced, privately held experimental equipment available to support our clients together with our experience and expertise.

The Alloyed RARC has the in-house capacity to directly process and evaluate new and existing alloys for a range of fabrication techniques, including casting, cold rolling and additive manufacturing. An extensive range of equipment is also available to optimise Heat Treatment (in air, argon and under vacuum). Materials characterisation is a further core capability of the RARC, including but not limited to metallographic preparation, Optical Microscopy, EC measurement and DSC/TGA. Rapid testing is also delivered on-site at the RARC facility for mechanical properties such as Tensile Strength, Compression, Creep, Fatigue, Bending, and Hardness.

As a centre of innovation for the development, testing, fabrication, processing and evaluation of new materials, the capabilities that Alloyed can deploy are second to none. However, the key that unlocks the real potential of partnering with Alloyed is the speed at which these services can be delivered — independently or in combination depending on customer requirements — within a matter of weeks.