Advanced AM Process Control

Alloyed’s powerful build processor — Engine — is central to improving AM application development, and is capable of optimising outcomes at the manufacturing process level. This means that every application can be tailored to achieve optimal part quality, overall productivity, and cost efficiencies. Built on the cloud, it allows users to manage, manipulate, and generate terabytes of data, making it a key tool for delivery of custom parametric design solutions that can be fulfilled by laser PBF processes.

Alloyed has unrivalled expertise in increasing the performance of metal AM through the development of powerful and flexible digital technologies across an array of industrial applications. For design optimisation, Alloyed models designs from part-level down to the manufacturing process level. Our unique process control software makes commercial AM machines faster and more viable by optimising build speeds, reducing part costs, and improving overall productivity without compromising quality.

Through our Engine platform we can help to improve processes to deliver the optimal balance in feature fidelity, productivity, and quality. Engine openly examines, manages, and optimises manufacturing data on a point-by-point level offering unprecedented control of the process. By combining unique scan path generation, beam specific melting, and laser dynamic driven scan paths and delay optimisation, lattice structures and solids can be built faster and more reliably than ever before.