Alloyed develops high-performance aluminium alloys, tailored specifically for the manufacturing process

Aluminium is a flexible and versatile metal that is used for a broad range of standard and complex manufacturing applications. This is largely due to its strength-to-weight ratio and the ability to produce components utilising most manufacturing processes, including casting, forming, machining, and additive manufacturing (AM).

The lightweight properties of aluminium (approximately a third of the weight of steel) makes it a highly attractive material for automotive and aerospace applications that are looking to improve fuel efficiency. In addition, its high specific stiffness combined with good thermal conductivity make it desirable for structural components requiring excellent thermal management. Aluminium alloys can provide an attractive balance of strength, ductility, corrosion resistance and electrical & thermal conductivity, which make them suitable across a broad range of applications.

Our Capabilities

Alloyed has extensive experience in developing optimised aluminium alloys and aluminium metal matrix composites using the ABD® platform. Our platform incorporates hundreds of metallurgical models applicable to aluminium systems, which allows for prediction and optimisation of both alloy performance and cost for a wide range of potential compositions.


Post-processing requirements can also be accommodated, including heat treatment optimization for new or existing alloys. This process can be achieved in weeks rather than years and the aluminium alloys can be tailored specifically for the manufacturing process — whether that is casting, forming or AM. Our computational platform is backed by state-of-the-art experimental facilities which allow us to fabricate, process and evaluate any aluminium at lab-scale, which is a crucial step in the development and validation of our computational models.

A Proven Track Record

We are working with several Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industrial sectors, including automotive, aerospace, electronics and green energy. We have a proven track record in delivering improved solutions for aluminium to our customers, and we are well-positioned to develop your next aluminium alloy, whatever your application.