Alloyed can take steel alloys to the next level of versatility

Steels are alloys based on iron, and are by far the most versatile, cost-effective, and one of the most widely recycled materials in use. Everything from concrete rebar to high-performance gas turbine components is made of steel. Iron can be mixed with a wide range of elements to give steels an extraordinary range of different properties. For example, iron with nickel and chromium becomes stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and can be easily shaped. Add cobalt (and optionally aluminium or titanium) and you get maraging steels, the strongest engineering materials known today. Iron and manganese make up manganese steels, which are low-cost yet have exceptional strength and ductility. Steel is also easily recyclable – around 85% of waste steel at the end of its first useful life is already remelted and used in new products. Recycled steel has a much lower carbon footprint compared to steel made from ore.

Our Capabilities

Alloyed has extensive experience in developing steels for high-temperature applications using the ABD® platform for computational alloy design. The platform incorporates many material models applicable to steels and can predict the properties of a wide range of potential steel compositions. Post-processing can also be modelled, including heat treatment for existing alloys. Unlike traditional alloy design which relies mostly on experimentation, our process takes weeks rather than years. Our computational platform is complemented by a state-of the-art experimental facilities, allowing us to fabricate and validate the properties of a small number of promising alloys identified by simulation. It also enables us to construct and validate material models for properties that are difficult to capture with physical models (e.g. creep).

A Proven Track Record

We are working with several large Japanese industrials and have developed two proprietary steel grades for high-temperature applications. We specialise in high-performance steels and are positioned to develop materials that suit your requirements.