Alloyed applied its technologies to make the additive manufacturing (AM) process a viable scale production method for electronics applications. Using proprietary technologies and capabilities, Alloyed can offer comprehensive digital manufacturing solutions for component problems traditionally too expensive, wasteful, or geometrically complex for the mass manufacture of electronics applications.

Alloyed can assist in design optimisation of client components to best capitalise on the unique opportunities presented by AM. This could be the addition of features and functionality unachievable with alternate production methods or weight saving with lattice structures and thin walls. Many other solutions can be applied on a project-to-project basis. Alloyed’s materials development capabilities further extend component opportunities, including the development of bespoke materials to reduce device weight and increase structural and thermal device performance.

With dedicated production facilities, Alloyed produces components with a consistency and fidelity to the original design far greater than possible with conventional off-the-shelf build preparation tools. Through intelligent optimisation enabled by our proprietary Engine® and Architect® software platforms, build times and support volumes can be reduced while component performance can be significantly improved. Paired with experienced design for AM and post-build distortion compensation, Alloyed has the capability to solve challenging problems that typically stand in the way of mass production using AM.

Our Capabilities

  • Alloy design for additive
  • Rapid parameter development
  • Topological optimisation and meta-material / architectured material development
  • Computational and experimental microstructure optimisation and distortion management
  • CAD=>DfAM=>build file, for optimal performance and cost, optimising build orientation, support management and laser scan paths
  • Demonstrator and prototype manufacture
  • Pilot Production
  • Serial production at scale
  • Post processing capabilities

A Proven Track Record

Alloyed works with several Fortune 500 companies across the electronics sector. We have a proven track record of delivering improved solutions for complex applications to our customers, and we are well-positioned to support you whatever your application. We can partner at whatever stage of development your project is to deliver increased quality and value.