Alloys Design & Process Optimisation

Better alloys faster

Our Alloys-by-Design (ABD®) rapid alloy design and optimisation platform applies data and advanced physical models to simulate the performance of millions of different potential alloys across a large space simultaneously, to allow optimisation across the full range of performance, manufacturing, and economic parameters relevant to any application. It can be used to choose the right alloy for an application, to optimise an existing alloy, or to design completely new alloy solutions.

Expert Process Simulation and Modelling

Alloyed is committed to making your high-performance components and processes even better, using advanced metallurgy, the latest simulation techniques, and a deep understanding of the factors that drive performance. We focus on multi-scale materials and multi-physics modelling, prediction and analysis of fatigue/TMF and failure, and optimisation of complex manufacturing processes. Alloyed specialises in physics-based composition and microstructure optimisation for manufacturing and component design, embedded in a multi-scale and multi-physics computational platform. We offer these capabilities as advanced consulting solutions for a wide range of engineering challenges.