Alloyed June 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends in the wider Alloyed community

A year on from the merger which saw OxMet Technologies and Betatype join forces to become Alloyed, our Company has grown so fast and changed so much that we thought a regular newsletter might be the best way to keep our wider circle of customers, partners, and friendly engineers abreast with what’s going on.

This first issue will be the first of what we hope will become a series of regular updates. 

Beyond our corporate headquarters and alloy development centre in Oxford, we now stretch across two further sites in the UK, and two overseas – Japan, from March 2020, and Los Angeles, from April 2021.  At last count, our team numbered around 60, and included 16 different nationalities. 

On the alloy design side of our business, we’ve extended our practice and the capacity of the ABD® platform which we use to develop alloys beyond its origins in nickel and titanium to steel, aluminium, copper (which we develop alongside our investor, JX Metals), refractory metals (which we develop alongside JX’s subsidiary, Taniobis) and platinum group metals (we last year announced a partnership with Anglo American, the world’s leading miner of platinum).  We both offer alloy design services on a contract basis, and develop our own alloys for sale and licence – some of which are covered later in this newsletter. 

On the additive side, we continue to develop our world-leading Engine® and Architect® platforms for the better design and processing of fine-featured devices, and are using them to develop products for our Industrial, Medical, and Electronics segments.

Our ultimate aim, of course, is to combine the benefits of our ABD® alloy design platform with our additive platforms to provide components which have been optimised at every length-scale, from the nanoscale at which we design materials to the macroscale at which we topologically optimise components.  We have several such endeavours underway at the moment;  most notably, we’ve won an award alongside Boeing from the US government research agency, ARPA-E, to develop and additively manufacture ultra-high-temperature turbine blade components based upon high-entropy-alloys.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter;  please do send any questions or thoughts on content you’d like to see in future editions to  Thanks again for your interest in Alloyed!

Michael Holmes, CEO, Alloyed

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