Betatype acquired by Oxmet Technologies

Betatype is delighted to end 2019 with a key announcement that will expand the impact of the company’s technologies and expertise into the next decade and beyond through its merger via acquisition by OxMet Technologies (Oxford, UK).

The merged company will bring together Betatype’s market-leading additive process and component design technologies that are key to unlocking the potential of metal additive manufacturing with the world-class metallurgical expertise of OxMet. Together these capabilities will provide clients with a superior approach to building metal parts with digital manufacturing processes.

Betatype’s founder and CEO, Sarat Babu, will join the Board of the combined company as Chief Digital Officer with Betatype’s primary offices and world class team remaining in London.

Babu comments, “We’ve been working with Oxmet Technologies for over a year on a number of joint projects. During that time we’ve developed a combined vision for the future of what metal looks like in the new digital manufacturing age. The merger builds on the very foundations of what both Betatype and Oxmet have always been about, and I’m thrilled for what we intend to build together in the near future.

The vertical markets in which the new company is already active include the aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics sectors, in all of which additive manufacturing and the new generation of alloys required to capitalise on it, have transformational potential to deliver better part performance, reduce component count, shorten lead times, and enable distributed supply chains.

We look forward to sharing further details in the New Year.