Realising the value of digital manufacture

Revolutionary processes powered by digital control such as additive manufacturing opens the door to new levels of design freedom and control over metal that standard design and engineering tools cannot unlock.

At Alloyed we’ve built a complete technology chain to deliver the solutions at every level and scale.

New alloys for digital manufacturing

Additive manufacturing brings an entirely new physical process to metal fabrication and with it a need for new types of alloys. Alloyed uses its unique Alloys by Design platform to design alloys specially for the particular demands of additive manufacture to deliver compositions that can deliver better material performance with repeatable quality.

Advanced process control

Additive manufacturing increases the scale and complexity of numerical control to levels orders of magnitude higher than any previous process. Building components can require terabytes of data — data that often can’t be accessed.

Alloyed has built the only platform for openly examining, managing, and optimising manufacturing data on a point by point level offering a level of unprecedented control.

Through the Engine platform we can help to optimise processes to deliver the optimal balance in feature fidelity, productivity and quality.

Meta-material engineering

Meta-materials are finely engineered constructs, like honeycombs in nature, where the millimetre-architecture of the construct imparts useful and consistent properties which allow engineers to design with it at large-scales as if it were a uniform material.

Additive manufacturing redefines the meta-material design space by providing an unprecedented level of geometric freedom at sub-macro dimensions.

At Alloyed our unique process tools extend the range of the meta-materials that additive can deliver through finer resolution features.

In addition, we have grown a comprehensive meta-material dataset that compiles 1000s of datapoints across different topologies, processes, and materials, along with computational simulation tools, so you can design, simulate and test with confidence.

Design development

Every application is different, even more so with additive manufacturing. At Alloyed we provide the capability for you to design parts that work in serial production by additive manufacture, from their macro geometry down to the individual manufacturing commands to deliver unequalled levels of speed and productivity.

Digital manufacture

New, early-stage technologies can provide considerable challenges to integrate into your supply chains both in terms of access and validation. Alloyed provides you with an open, dedicated site to deliver pilot production and develop the manufacturing blueprint for you to bring to your supply chain. At Alloyed we have a team that brings together a full range of backgrounds and expertise with more than 50 years’ collective experience of advanced and high volume manufacturing, design, process development and materials engineering. We operate a suite of state-of-the art metal additive manufacturing machines that are set up to run an extensive range of metal materials including titanium, aluminium, steel, and nickel alloys.