Alloyed is developing novel titanium alloys to push the performance envelope in the medical and industrial sectors.

Titanium is a go-to material in aerospace, biomedical, motorsport, and other demanding sectors because of its combination of strength, light weight, toughness, and corrosion resistance, up to temperatures of as high as 550°C. It can be made into melt or mill products, superplastically formed, welded, laser processed, or made into powder for additive manufacture.

As well as industrial applications, Alloyed has developed additively manufactured titanium alloys for orthopaedic implants. Lower alloy elastic modulus and increased biocompatibility combined with bone-like porous lattice geometries enable bone-fusion implants which are more osseo-conductive, safer, and custom-made by the additive process.

Our Capabilities

The Alloyed titanium team have backgrounds in some of the world’s most renowned aerospace materials research groups, and have experience designing titanium alloys and alloy processes for all major traditional ways of making titanium components, as well as additive manufacture.


The ABD® platform for titanium incorporates a wide range of equilibrium and non-equilibrium models for the key performance, processing, and economic attributes of titanium alloys. The models reflect the latest physical and mechanical understanding of the underlying drivers of titanium behaviour, but have normally been calibrated by applying advanced data science techniques to literature or Alloyed-generated data.

Alloyed’s rapid experimental platform also allows it to arc-melt and characterise small ingots of novel titanium alloys as well as to conduct extensive fabrication and test campaigns on additively manufactured samples, to assess static and dynamic properties of different alloys at room and a range of elevated temperatures.

A Proven Track Record

As well as conducting alloy design and process optimisation work for customers and partners, Alloyed has developed a cohort of proprietary alloys for industrial and medical sector.