Alloyed has the capability and the capacity to support companies from a wide range of industrial sectors that have transitioned — or that are looking to transition — to digital manufacturing for complex metal components. The full portfolio of Alloyed’s digital technologies can be deployed to greatly extend the performance capabilities of additive manufacturing (AM) processes, in particular metal laser powder bed fusion (PBF).

Alloyed can support the application of AM to a wide range of industrial metal components and overcome many of the challenges that have slowed its adoption to date, such as reaching cost equivalence with traditional manufacturing approaches, managing variation in microstructure over a build, overcoming cracking and/or residual stress challenges, or simply designing to maximise the utility derived from the freedom AM affords. Alloyed can use its platforms to:

  • conduct application optimisation, which translates a final design into a build file for an additively manufactured part to achieve the greatest accuracy and lowest costs
  • apply world-class multi-level simulation and CFD / FEA capabilities to design an AM part which maximises function.

In particular, Alloyed’s tools and capabilities can bring value to fine-featured and thin-walled parts, where AM both has the most to offer and brings the greatest challenges of accuracy and integrity. Alloyed has developed and characterised a wide library of isotropic and anisotropic lattice and surface-based topologies for incorporation into functionally demanding components.

Our Capabilities

  • Alloy design for additive
  • Rapid parameter development
  • Topological optimisation and meta-material / architectured material development
  • Computational and experimental microstructure optimisation and distortion management
  • CAD=>DfAM=>build file, for optimal performance and cost, optimising build orientation, support management and laser scan paths
  • Demonstrator and prototype manufacture
  • Serial production at scale

A Proven Track Record

Alloyed works with several Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industrial sectors, including Aerospace, Automotive and Energy. We have a proven track record of delivering improved solutions for complex applications to our customers, and we are well-positioned to support you whatever your application. We can partner at whatever stage of development your project is to deliver increased quality and value.